Alumni & Wellwishers



The Indian Institute of Technology dhArwAD Alumni Association (IITdhAA) is an association of the alumni of IIT DHARWAD. It is a non-profit organization and is registered as a society under the Government of KarnATaka. The Registration Number of the society is DRDW/SOR/130/2023- 2024. At present, there are approximately 500 members. The objective of this association is to maintain a strong connection between the Institute and its alumni. The association seeks to serve alumni and students by providing social, educational, and professional opportunities through its extended network. The association aims to promote and facilitate education, research, sports, cultural activities, and other human development activities in the Institute. 


Governing Body

  1.  Honorary President: Director IIT DHARWAD
  2.  President:  Kunal Kumar
  3.  Secretary:  Subhamoy Rana
  4.  Treasurer:  Sonu Sourav
  5.  Members: 
                         a) Dr Amitkumar Gawas 
                         b) Arpit Shukla 
                         c) Parishapranay Raj 
                         d) Rohan Deshpande
  6.  Faculty Incharge: Prof Hiranya Deka