uplifting self and others

Workshop: "Uplifting Self and Others"

Speaker: Ms. Rakshitha Ghadge, YourDOST

Time: Saturday, October 14th, 2023, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM       
Venue: Room F300, 1st floor, CLT, Permanent Campus

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The Counselling Center at IIT DHARWAD provides assistance and counselling service to all residents of the campus.

There are two options available to anyone who wishes to seek counselling services:


IIT Dharwad in cooperation with YourDOST -- a professional online counselling service, provides a direct link to anyone at IIT Dharwad to contact them and seek their services without any charge.

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TeleMANAS works with a network of Hubli-Dharwad based mental health hospitals and institutions to provide counselling both in-person and over the telephone. Anyone can avail this service directly without having to go through the IIT DHARWAD counselling center.

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Mental Fitness is as important as Physical Fitness



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Prof Pradeep Yammiyavar           
Prof Rajshekar K

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