Indian Institute of Technology dhArwAD (IITdh) is one of the third Generation (3-G) IITs, which were established by the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India (GoI). It was started in August 2016 under the mentorship of IIT Bombay. Our academic journey began in the Academic Year (AY) 2016-17, with the establishment of four-year Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) programs - Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).

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Currently our Institute offers four other B. Tech. programs - Engineering Physics (EP), Mathematics & Computing (M&C), Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (C&IE), Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (C&BE) as well as a five-year Bachelor of Science-Master of Science (BS-MS) program, a two-year Master of Technology (M. Tech.) Program and a Master of Science (MS) Program offered by the three oldest Departments of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering (MMAE), Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering (EECE) and CSE. Our Ph. D program is offered by all the ten Departments [which also include the other seven Departments of Bio Science & Bio Engineering (BSBE), Chemical Engineering (ChE), Chemistry, C&IE, Humanities, Economics, Arts and Rural Technologies (HEART), Mathematics and Physics].

Presently, IIT dhArwAD accommodates around 1,075 students, with around 20% being women. The diverse student body hails from 20 states/ Union territories (UTs) out of the 36 states/ UTs across the country. Among them, around 20% are pursuing Masters and Doctoral degrees. Our academic community [with a strength of 94 regular faculty and 12 adjunct faculty/visiting faculty/ professors of practice attached to ten departments], has been successful in securing significant research and development projects, executing sponsored consultancy projects, and publishing hundreds of scientific manuscripts in reputed journals and conference proceedings.

The Institute's objective is to achieve global recognition in education and research by fostering a receptive learning environment, creating knowledge, and promoting scientific breakthroughs and innovative technologies. Nurturing interdisciplinary research and an ecologically harmonious campus creates the right environment for our students and faculty to thrive. The Institute has carefully planned and built a world-class infrastructure in a sprawling area of 470 acres [encompassing 67 acres of natural forest], which will be net zero in terms of water, energy, and waste. Our recent Meeting of the Board of Governors (BoG) has decided on a very ambitious timeline of achieving this objective by the year 2030 itself.

Over the past seven years, IIT dhArwAD has strategically brought on board a faculty with a global exposure, emphasizing on high-quality research and interdisciplinary programs. With a holistic approach to research, the institute collaborates in thrust areas like net zero (i.e., sustainable) physical infrastructure, Cyber-Physical Systems, Green Mobility, Precision Agri-Tech, 3-D Printing for Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing. Noteworthy initiatives include a Space Data Science Lab (SDSL) and two Global Centres of Excellence [GCoE] in Affordable and Clean Energy (ACE) and Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS). The Institute's commitment to innovation and sustainable development is evident through partnerships, sponsored projects, and support from entities like dhaRti (dhArwAD Research Technology and Incubation) and the Institute Innovation Council (IIC).

IIT DHARWAD has established Global Centre of Excellence for Affordable and Clean Energy (GCoE ACE) with the mission of the centre is to make Affordable and Clean Energy (ACE) a backbone of India's development.           

In December 2022, IIT DHARWAD was awarded 5-star Rating under Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), Large Development (LD) Master Plan.

Transit Campus

The transit campus of IIT DHARWAD has been established within the WALMI (Water and Land Management Institute) campus (135 acres), which is adjacent to dhArwAD bench of High Court Belur, on the National Highway (NH-4) that connects Mumbai-Bengaluru. With the availability of regular transport service, the campus is easy to reach from any point in dhArwAD and all the major facilities are within a 10 km radius from the campus. IIT DHARWAD is less than 30 km away from Hubbali, the second largest city in Karnataka. WALMI has been generous in providing the necessary infrastructure for the students' hostels, class rooms, laboratories etc.


Permanent Campus

About 470 acres of land has been allotted by the Karnataka Government for the permanent campus of IIT DHARWAD. The campus design is based on the theme of "Sustainable Green Campus", inspired by historical origins of Hubballi dhArwAD.

Phase 1A of the permanent campus is about to be completed by the end of May 2023 and we have already started a few courses at permanent campus from December 2022.

The permanent campus of IIT DHARWAD has many eco-friendly design features such as rain water harvesting, treatment and reuse of Municipal waste water using phytoremediation technology.


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Registered Name of the institute IIT DHARWAD
Registered Address of the institute WALMI Campus, NH4, Next to dhArwAD High Court, dhArwAD 580011
GST No. 29AAAGI0111B1Z8
GST ARN No. AA29071086081X dated July 10, 2017
State of Registration KARNATAKA
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Contact No. 0836-2212822                 
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