Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE)

The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE) was started as the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the year 2016, the same year of establishment of IIT DHARWAD. The department is renamed in the year 2019. Since its inception, the Department has been offering a four-year BTECH programme in Mechanical Engineering at an undergraduate level. At the postgraduate level, the Department offers research programs such as M.S. (by Research) and Ph.D. programs.

The Department’s BTECH (Mechanical Engineering) curriculum offers a distinct combination of courses with sound conceptual understanding together with practice-oriented learning elements. The theoretical rigor is imparted from a selection of courses in basic sciences and interdisciplinary topics in addition to subjects from the core mechanical engineering curriculum, which are backed by an array of hands-on laboratory courses.

The list of laboratory courses as they appear in the present BTECH (Mechanical Engineering) curriculum is:

Engineering Graphics Laboratory 
Hands-on Engineering Laboratory 
Chemistry Laboratory 
Physics Laboratory 
Computer Programming Laboratory 
Machine Drawing and 3D Modeling Laboratory 
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 
Manufacturing Processes and Metrology Laboratory 
Strength of Materials Laboratory 
Mechanical Measurements Laboratory 
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery Laboratory 
Heat Transfer Laboratory 
Manufacturing Processes Laboratory 
Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory 
Apart from these laboratory courses, students are encouraged to do hands-on course projects and demonstrations during the theory courses. 
For details regarding the presently prescribed credit structure for the BTECH (Mechanical Engineering): click here

Several students from the recently graduated first batch of students were placed in core sector, PSUs and IT sector. Quite a few students from the first two batches are pursuing their Master's degree from the leading institutions in India and from abroad.

The faculty of the Department work on various core research areas and also on an expansive list of interdisciplinary research areas. The research areas of all institute faculty members are available here. The problem statements from domains such as materials (composites (Prof Tejas Gotkhindi); plasticity (Prof Rakesh Lingam)), and aerospace (CFD (Prof Dhiraj Patil), aero-acoustics (Prof Ms Meenatchidevi Murugesan), and turbomachinery aerodynamics (Prof Keerthi MC)) are also tackled with enthusiastic undergraduate students and research scholars. The Department is poised to take on both global as well as local problems such as energy technologies for a sustainable environment, healthcare and agricultural technologies, and other key needs of the nation.

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