Alumni & Wellwishers



The aim is to promote interaction amongst the Alumni members and between the Alumni and the IIT DHARWAD. To encourage, promote and facilitate education and research and other activities of the Institute. To establish, construct, equip and maintain or contribute towards establishment, equipment and maintenance of libraries and laboratories.

Governing Body

  1.  Honorary President: Director IIT DHARWAD
  2.  President:  Kunal Kumar
  3.  Secretary:  Subhamoy Rana
  4.  Treasurer:  Sonu Sourav
  5.  Members: 
                         a) Dr. Amitkumar Gawas 
                         b) Arpit Shukla 
                         c) Parishapranay Raj 
                         d) Rohan Deshpande
  6.  Faculty Incharge, Alumni nominee: Dr. Hiranya Deka