Department of Electrical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)

Electrical Engineering (EE) at IIT Dharwad focuses mainly on fundamentals of building physical devices and exploring the mathematical sides of EE. With faculty from varying research backgrounds, the department encourages multi-disciplinary research allied with computer science, applied physics, biotechnology, chemistry and computation. Undergraduate and graduate students will study and work on some of the exciting research problems in a wide variety of subjects, both theoretical and experimental. The EE Department has active collaborations with numerous industries and academic institutions, both in India and abroad. The EE Department highly encourages graduate/undergraduate students to take up internships in research labs across the globe. The faculty at EE Department are mainly working in the areas of next generation wireless communication such as IoT, 5G and beyond, communication networks, performance modeling, resource allocation, sensors, circuits and devices, control engineering, machine learning and deep neural networks, signal processing, speech processing, power systems and power electronics. These research activities are carried out in our advanced laboratory facilities at the institute.

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