Computer Science and Engineering (2022 Batch Onwards)

Unique and positive points of the program are:

  1. The Programme curriculum is a unique combination of courses covering core fundamentals in computer science along with advanced topics aligned with the distinct research areas of our faculty.
  2. Elective courses and research work span across three spines namely, Theory (logic, graph theory, algorithms), Systems (computer architecture, computer networks, parallel programming), Intelligent Systems (ML and AI).
  3. Flexible curriculum with options to pursue research projects from as early as 5th semester.


Notable achievements from the students(present or pass-out) of the program are:

  1. Students of the CSE department have secured admissions for graduates studies in prestigious universities like Columbia, Georgia Tech, University of Southern California etc.
  2. Ms. Charu Agarwal, a student of the CSE department, was selected for the S. N. Bose Scholars Program.
  3. A team comprising of students from the CSE department have secured third place in The Embedded Security Challenge (ESC) conducted by NYU Tandon School of Engineering and IIT Kanpur in 2020.


Semester-wise course credit structure of the program is as follows:

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Overall Credits Required (Minimum) : 255
Semester - I (Total Credits : 37)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CH 102Fundamental concepts and applications of chemistry3006
2MA 109Calculus I (1st Half)3104
3MA 121Calculus II (2nd Half)3104
4PH 101Quantum Physics and Applications2106
5BB 103Introduction to Modern Biology3006
6CS 103Introduction to Programming - 1 (Using C) (1st Half)3024
7EE 103Introduction to Programming - 2 (Using Python) (2nd Half)3024
8PH 113Hands on Science Laboratory - I0033
9HS 103Introduction to Fine Arts100PP/NP
10HS 106Design Thinking and Creativity100PP/NP
11NO 101/ NO 103National Sports Organization (NSO)/National Service Scheme (NSS)100PP/NP


Semester - II (Total Credits :  37)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1MA 102Linear Algebra (1st Half)3104
2MA 103Differential Equations - I (2nd Half)3104
3ME 111Engineering Graphics Laboratory1035
4EE 101Introduction to Electrical Systems and Electronics3006
5CS 106Data Structures and Algorithms3006
6CS 111Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory0033
7ME 113Hands on Engineering Laboratory0033
8PH 102Electricity and magnetism2106
9NO 102/ NO 104National Sports Organization (NSO)/National Service Scheme (NSS)   PP/NP


Semester - III (Total Credits : 32)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CS 205Design and analysis of algorithms3006
2CS 203Discrete structures3006
3EE 221Introduction to Probability (1st Half)3003
4EE 227Data Analysis (2nd Half)3003
5HS 201Economics3006
6CS 213Software Systems Lab1308


Semester - IV (Total Credits : 35)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CS 202Automata theory3108
2CS 302Artificial intelligence3006
3CS 301Computer Architecture3006
4EE 204Digital systems3006
5EE 214Digital Circuits Lab3003
6CS 312Artificial intelligence lab0033
7CS 311Computer Architecture lab0033


Semester - V (Total Credits : 36)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CS 304Operating systems3006
2CS 303Databases and information systems3006
3 Elective I / R&D I#3006
4 Elective II3006
5 HSS Elective 1*3006
6CS 314Operating systems lab0033
7CS 313Databases and information systems laboratory0033


Semester - VI (Total Credits : 36)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CS 348Computer networks3006
2CS 323Compilers3006
3CS 316Compilers lab0033
4CS 315Computer networks lab0033
5 HSS Elective II*3006
6CE 301Environmental studies3006
7 Elective III / R&D I/II#3006


Semester - VII (Total Credits : 24)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1 Elective IV   6
2 Elective V   6
3 Elective VI   6
4 Elective VII / BTP#   6


Semester - VIII (Total Credits : 18)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1 Elective VIII   6
2 Elective IX   6
3 Elective X/ BTP#   6