PhD Rules and Regulation of IIT Dharwad

Please click here For PhD Rules and Regulation of IIT Dharwad.

International Applicants to PhD Programme

Applications are invited for fresh admission for academic session starting from Autumn 2021. International students can apply for admission to IIT Dharwad using the following channels. After successfully submitting the application, applicants are requested to inform with subject line starting with "Int-App-PhD-Au21 : "

  • For all International Applicants to PhD programme: All international applicants (including ASEAN), i.e. those with a passport other than Indian Passport, can apply using the study-in-india portal to select programmes in IIT Dharwad. Click Here

  • DIA Fellowship scheme: Government of India has announced a special fellowship scheme for applicants from ASEAN countries to PhD programmes in IITs - Doctoral Fellowships in India for ASEAN (DIA). (Note- It was also referred to as ASEAN fellowship in the past.)

    Website - and
    DIA YouTube promotional video -

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Regular Admission Drive for Spring 2021-22

The updates regarding admission process will be announced here

Please contact for any query or technical issues regarding online applications for timely response. Any email sent to any other id will not be answered.
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