UAV Team secured the Fourth position

UAV Team secured the Fourth position:

UAV Fleet Challenge was an event organized in partnership with DRDO SASE with an aim to develop Quadcopter drones capable of autonomous flight and object detection using an onboard processor. The team built a swarm focused on low-speed stability using Pixhawk as the flight controller and Ardupilot firmware. Using a flooding based communication approach, drones publish their current GPS coordinates for Collision Avoidance and box location to all drones for cross-referencing. GPS coordinates were obtained and appropriate movement commands were sent by Dronekit API which has access to all Ardupilot parameters in real-time. The team used basic OpenCV for object detection instead of a deep learning frameworks approach, taking the low processing power of RPI into consideration.

Congratulations to the team members Sohan Anisetty, Rishit Saiya, Rishabh Tripathi, Akhilesh Bharadwaj, Akhil Manoj, Shreyas Sathe, Rushikesh Dixit, Aman Singal and Sameer Dohadwalla!!!

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