Talk on "High Accuracy High-Performance Computing: Present Status and Future Prospects"

Speaker: Prof. Tapan K. Sengupta

Title: High Accuracy High-Performance Computing: Present Status and Future Prospects

Abstract:With enhanced computing power, importance of high performance computing is evident in all fields of science and engineering. In these activities, the aspects of higher accuracy of scientific computing need more emphasis. Today direct numerical simulation (DNS) of canonical flows is possible with careful computations [1], using dispersion relation preserving (DRP) schemes [2, 3]. These methods are based on mathematical physics of wave propagation requiring spatio-temporal analysis of methods and developing a new branch of studies in computing, the subject of error dynamics in computing.After an introduction of spatio-temporal global spectral analysis of numerical methods showing the flaws of classical approaches of von Neumann analysis, we will focus on examples show casing the power of this analysis with applications. Role of numerical group velocity will be shown, in explaining the existence of q-waves for convection problems. Existence and creation of polygonal vortex in shear driven flows will be described emphasizing the role of mathematical physics of this class of problems. Some issues related to obtaining an equilibrium flow for mixed convection problem will be described. The solution of the classical, unsolved turbulence problem of physics (as stated by Feynman) will be highlighted [4, 5]. Finally, we will discuss about issues of high performance related issues of scientific computing.

Event Date: 10th April, 2019(Wednesday)

Event Time: 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM

Venue: Room 203
IIT Dharwad, Karnataka

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