Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad

IIT Dharwad



Dharwad also known as Pedha nagari, owing due to its world famous pedhas, and Vidya kashi, for its educational institutions, covers an area of couple of hundred km2 and forms a gateway between Western Ghats and plains. Located strategically between Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore- and financial capital of India-Mumbai, Dharwad along with its twin -Hubballi - is a cradle for literary activities and Hindustani music.


Dharwad is at an elevation of about 750 m (~2500 ft). Average annual rainfall (predominantly during June-Sep) is about 700 mm. March-May is summer season with peak temperatures approaching 40°C. Winter lows are about 15°C.


Hubballi-Dharwad is a developing industrial hub in Karnataka after Bangalore, with more than 1000 allied small and medium industries. There are machine tools industries, electrical, steel furniture, food products etc. Some of the major industries include A.D.M. Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd; Infosys Ltd; Kirloskar Electric Company; M.M. Industrial Controls Pvt. Ltd; Sankalp Semiconductors Ltd; Spicer India Ltd; Tata Hitachi Ltd; Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd; Tata Motors Ltd; Wehr Valves Ltd.


Jog Falls

Dharwad is famous for its milk based sweet-Pedha; ILkal saris; Hindustani classical music and Kannada literature. Kittur fort (20 km); Jog falls (190 km); Dandeli national park (60 km); Hampi (190 km) are major nearby attractions.